Billy Jones & Ernest Hare - The Happiness Boys

Edison Diamond Disc 51500-R Year 1925

File Name: How Do You Do.mp3

File size: 1064 Kb

Playing Time: 4:32

About: The Happiness Boys

Turtle Talk:
By 1924 Jones and Hare adopted "How Do You Do" as their radio theme song.

The next to last verse of this performance is probably not part of the radio theme since it names "Edison Fans" but does not name fans of many other recording labels for whom the Boys recorded, for example Victor, Olympic, Okeh, Brunswick, Columbia....

DR, a Friend of the Jukebox, tells us that when Jones & Hare recorded the song for Brunswick #2791-B, they sang "Brunswick fans." When Billy Murray & Ed Smalle did the same song on Victor #19490-A, they sang "How do you do Victrola fans.." and ended with "Late at night when you're in bed if someone puts on Bill and Ed, do you wish that we were dead? How do you do?"

Tech Tidbits:
"How Do You Do?" was transferred using a 3.7 mil full conical stylus in a Stanton 500 stereo cartridge at 80 rpm on a United Audio Dual 1219 turntable. Groove wear in the early part of this transfer produces some noise. Fortuantely it diminishes quickly.

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