(coon vaudeville sketch with banjo)
Billy Golden and James Marlow

Edison Diamond Disc: 50236-R Year: 1915

File Name: insect powder agent.mp3

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Playing Time: 4:37

About: Billy Golden

Turtle Talk:

"Insect Powder Agent" CONTAINS DIALECT AND ETHNIC REFERENCES THAT MAY BE OFFENSIVE. "Coon Songs" were black dialect songs. They were sung by white performers putting on black stage accents. Most of these songs are embarrassing by today's standards. At the time, though, few people saw anything wrong with these types of songs. A hundred years from now, people may look back with dismay at some of our current popular entertainment.

Edison advertising in 1915 states: "Both Billy Golden and James Marlowe are old vaudeville favorites, having been before the public in black-face comedy, and as rapid-fire converstationalists, for a score of years. This unique collection of nonsense [Insect Powder Agent] they wrote themselves. The record ends with a "Laughing Song" that is especially funny. If you try to look glum while listening to this record you'll find you cannot do it."

You will hear some record "swish" and some surface noise.

Tech Tidbits:
Edison Diamond Discs, 50236-R was transferred using a 3.5 mil elliptical stylus in a Stanton 500 cartridge at 80 rpm. Turtle used Cool Edit and DC-ART 32 software to reduce noise.

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