Billy Jones & Ernest Hare
(The Happiness Boys)

Edison Diamond Disc Matrix E 11950-A Year 1927

File Name: Pastafazoola.mp3

File size: 820Kb

Playing Time: 3:29

About: Billy Jones & Ernest Hare

Turtle Talk:
Jones and Hare recorded "Pastafazoola" at Edison's New York City studio on October 13, 1927. Edison rejected this effort. It was not issued to the public but the test was saved.

Tech Tidbits:
Turtle found a noisy MP3 version of "Pastafazoola" on the internet in 2002. Not realizing that this performance was never released, Turtle has been searching for this record. Recently Turtle learned the search was doomed from the start.

To share this performance, the MP3 version was converted to a WAV file and processed with digital processing software. This is not a recommend technique. It can introduce unwanted sounds. The results you hear are an improvement over the source but the volume is low and surface noise, perhaps some overprocessing noise too, is present.

Turtle likes this ditty and hopes you will too, noise and all....

Victor released "Pastafazoola." on record number 20925. Unfortunately, existing copyrights may prevent the addition of this wonderful Victor recording to the Jukebox.....


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