The Band of the Coldstream Guards
Lieutenant R. G. Evans, Conductor
Arranged by Hume

His Master's Voice C1628; Year 1920's

File Name: Selection of Leslie Stuart's Songs - First Record.mp3

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Playing Time: 4:17

File Name: Selection of Leslie Stuart's Songs - Second Record.mp3

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Turtle Talk:
"Selection of Leslie Stuart's Songs" is a His Master's Voice recording maufactured by The Gramophone Co., Ltd., Hayes, Middlesex, England in the 1920's, probably the late 1920's. Lieutenant Robert George Evans directed The Band of the Coldstream Guards from 1920 to 1930. This is a 12 inch 78 rpm record with Stuart selections on both sides. It was probably recorded with microphones rather than recording horns.

The record label does not identify names of the individual selections and sadly Turtle is not familiar with the works of Leslie Stuart. Thanks to three Friend's of the Jukebox, all selections have been idetified.

First Record
1 - 0:02 (start time in MM:SS) Fan Fare
2 - 0:10 "The Coon Drum Major" - First identified by PC
3 - 1:17 "I Must Be Crazy" - First idenfied by PC
4 - 3:01 "Is Your Mammy Always Wid Yer (Susie Susie Ann)?" - First idenfied by PC
5 - 3:38 "Sweetheart May" - First idenfied by PC

Second Record
1 - 0:02 "Tell Me Pretty Maiden" from "Floradora" (1900) - First identified by JVF
2 - 1:08 "I Want To Be A Military Man" from "Floradora) - - First idenfied by PC
3 - 1:27 "Little Dolly Day Dreams" - First idenfied by PC
4 - 1:47 "Lily of Laguna" - First idenfied by PC
5 - 2:49 "Soldiers Of The Queen" - Identified by AL
6 - 3:30 "Soldiers Of The Queen" - First idenfied by PC

Turtle Talk:
Friend of the Jukebox, A.L. also explains that the "Soldiers Of The Queen" verse begins in track 5 of the second record and continues until about 3:40 into track 6. Track 6 then finishes with the "Soldiers Of the Queen" chorus/refrain.

Tech Tidbits:

"Selection of Leslie Stuart's Songs" was transferred using a 2.5 mil truncated elliptical stylus in a Stanton 500 stereo cartridge at 78 rpm on a United Audio Dual 1219 turntable.

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