The Crusader March

Zon-O-Phone Concert Band

Zon-O-Phone Record 5612-B; Year: late 1909,early 1910; composer: F. E. Sharp

File Name: The Crusader.mp3

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Playing Time: 2:23

Turtle Talk:
Turtle was puzzled. The composer of "The Crusader March" is John Phillips Sousa ("Stars and Stripes Forever") . The label on the record lists "Sharp." Turtle would like to know who this Sharp person is.... As it turns out, the composition on this record was indeed composed by F.E. Sharp not Sousa. There are at least TWO "Crusader" marches. Turtle thanks ECH, a Friend of the Jukebox, for providing the clarifying clue.

This record cost 65 cents in 1910 and bears a stern message for the buyer: "This patented record is licensed for sale and use only when sold at retail at a price not less than the price marked upon this record, and only for the purpose of producing sound directly from this record, and for no other purpose. ...This license is valid only so long as this label remains on this record, unaltered and undefaced. A purchase is an acceptance of these terms...." You can be certain that Turtle did not remove, alter or deface the label....

Turtle found no information about the Zon-0-Phone Concert Band but did find some interesting information about the Zon-0-Phone record label in Steven C Barr's "The Almost Complete 78 RPM Dating Guide (II)." The first Zon-0-Phone records were sold in 1900 by Frank Seaman's Universal firm. In 1903, the firms European operations were acquired by the Gramophone Company who in turn sold the U.S. Universal operation to Victor. Victor maintained Universal as a separate operation. Zon-0-Phone pressed Oxford records for Sears and probably others. The company was closed in 1912.

Tech Tidbits:
"The Crusader March" was transferred using a 2.3 mil truncated elliptical stylus in a Stanton 500 stereo cartridge at 78 rpm on a United Audio Dual 1219 turntable.

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