Xylophone Solo with Orchestra
William H. Reitz, xylophonist

Victor Record: 16969-A Year: 1911/12

This selection was prepared by N.K., a friend of the Jukebox.

File Name: The Mocking Brid - Fantasia.MP3

File size: 832 Kb

Playing Time: 3:32

About: William H. Reitz

Turtle Talk:
Turtle can't take credit for this selection. A big Tutle thanks to N.K., a friend of the Jukebox for this selection. "The Mocking Bird - Fantasia" was prepared in N.K.'s studio.

Percussive performances are difficult to restore because it difficult to isolate the noise from the percussive sounds. Thanks N.K., for sharing your successful efforts.

Tech Tidbits:
N.K. captured this selection at 78 rpm and electonically slowed it to 71 rpm for our enjoyment. N.K. uses a Technics SL-1900 turntable (modified to spin at 78 rpm ± 10%), a Grado F1 cartridge and a 3 mil conical stylus tracking at 3 grams. N.K. uses Sound Forge version 5.0 and Audio Cleaning Lab version 3.0 digital processing software.

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