Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan

Edison Diamond Disc: 50248-R Year: 1915

File Name: auntie.mp3

File size: 941 Kb

Playing Time: 4:00

NOTICE: This recording contains a racial dialect and references that could be offensive. Do not listen if you will be offended.

About: Arthur Collins and Byron Harlan. Arthur Collins (February 7, 1864 - August 3, 1933) was a product of the minstrel tradition. He was considered a leading dialect comedy singer of the pioneer recording era. Byron Harlan (August 29, 1861 - September 11, 1936) rounded out the extremely successful comedy team of Collins and Harlan. He was also a successful soloist, specializing in sentimental ballads

Turtle Talk:

Try as he might, Turtle was unable to completely remove a stubborn "swishing" noise at the beginning of this recording..


Tech Tidbits:

Edison Diamond Disc 50248-R was transferred using a 3.7 mil spherical stylus in a Stanton 500 cartridge at 80 rpm.


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