Victor Record: 17885-A Year: 1915

File Name: ballymny.mp3

File size: 637 Kb

Playing Time: 2:39


About: Billy Murray


Turtle Tidbits 

Ballymooney is most likely a townland representative of many townlands in Ireland in 1915. There is more than one Ballymooney in Irland. A friend of the Jukebox, "DF", advises that one Ballymooney is located near Portlaiose, County Laois, Ireland. Also Ballymooney is mentioned in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake.

Tech Tidbits

Victor 17885-A was transferred using a 2.3 mil truncated elliptical stylus in a Stanton 500 stereo cartridge at 76 rpm on a United Audio Dual 1219 turntable. Sound from the right channel of the stereo capture was quieter than the left channel sound, therefore only the right channel was used in the restoration process. It is possible that 72 rpm may be a more appropriate playback speed.

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