Irving & Jack Kaufman, vocal

Source: Victor 18553-B   Recorded: 1919

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IRVING KAUFMAN (died 1976, age 85) occasionally sang duets with this brother Jack and sometimes recorded under the name "Frank Harris." Irving was a member of the Avon Comedy Four, an extremely popular vaudeville act during the World War I era. He was reputed to have perfect pitch and the ability to work without special preparation or arrangements. Consequently he often provided vocals for groups that were patched together to make records. Throughout his career he sang with good diction and the full volume associated with the theatrical style prevalent before the use of loudspeakers. He may be the most prolific band singer ever, for he is said to have recorded with sixty-two different orchestras between 1923 and 1933.

 JACK KAUFMAN (died 1948, age 65)

Tech Tidbits:

"When the Bees Make Honey" was transferred using a 3.5 mil truncated elliptical stylus in a Stanton 500 stereo cartridge at 76 rpm.

Biographical Sources: 1)"Billy Murray, The Phonograph Industry's First Great Recording Artist," by Hoffmann, Carty, & Riggs; 2)"Inventions and Topics in Popular song 1910-1929." NWR 233.


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