BILLY (She Always Dreams of Bill)

American Quartet with Billy Murray, lead

  Source: Victor 16965A   Recorded: 1911

File name: billy.mp3

File Size: 749 Kb

Playing Time: 3:11

Several recording groups used the name AMERICAN QUARTET. The American Quartet on this recording was formed in 1909. Members of the quartet in 1911 were:

John Bieling (died 1948, age 79) - tenor

Steve Porter (died 1936, age 73) -baritone

William F. Hooley (died 1918, age 57) - base

Billy Murray (1877-1954) - tenor & lead

Joe Goodwin (1889-1943) wrote the lyrics for "Billy"; Kendis and Paley, the music. "Billy" was recorded in 1911.

This selection was transferred from a 78 rpm record played at 76 rpm. Victor recordings of this era were often recorded for playback at about 76 rpm. Noise from record wear has been diminished using a 2.3 mil stylus and digital sound processing techniques, but it is still audible.

**Jim is not happy with the sound of this transfer. Billy Murray's voice does not have the fullness, which you can hear in the Chili Bean transfer. Jim plans to adjust his equalization choices and try again.

Biographical Source: "Billy Murray, The Phonograph Industry's First Great Recording Artist," by Hoffmann, Carty, & Riggs (with correction of Steve Porte'sr date of death per Riggs)

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