Charles Harrison

Charles Harrison (September 11, 1878 - February 2, 1965) was one of the busiest recording artists of the acoustic era. His tenor voice is captured on many record labels including Victor, Columbia, Edison, Domino, Regal, Melotone, and other "dime-store" records.

He began his recording career with Columbia in 1911. He is identified on early Columbia records as "Charles W. Harrison." He also used several pseudonyms such as Hugh Donovan, Billy Burton, Charles Hilton and Norman Terrell.

He was a member of the Columbia Stellar Quartet, Columbia Mixed Quartet, new Peerless Quartet, Revelers (Shannon Quartet), Eveready Mixed Quartet, and American Singers Quartet


Biographical sources: "The Encyclopedia of Acoustic Era Recording Artists," by Tim Gracyk.


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