Sterling Trio, vocal

  Source: Columbia A2020 (matrix 46777)   Recorded: 1916

File Name: dowhat.mp3

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Playing Time: 3:12

The STERLING TRIO had a steady run of best-selling recordings between 1916 and 1922, notably "Hawaiian Butterfly" (1917), "Where the Morning Glories Grow" (with Elizabeth Spencer, 1918), and "That Tumble-Down Shack in Athlone" (1919).

Three members of the Peerless Quartet performed as the Sterling Trio:

Henry Burr (1882-1941) - tenor

Albert Campbell (died 1947, age 74) - tenor.

John Meyer (died 1949, age 71) - bass

"Do What Your Mother Did," with music by Von Tilzer, was recorded by the Sterling Trio in 1916.

This selection was transferred from a 78 rpm record that was enjoyed many times. Noise from record wear has been diminished using a 3.5 mil stylus and digital sound processing techniques, but it is still audible.

Biographical Source: "Billy Murray, The Phonograph Industry's First Great Recording Artist," by Hoffmann, Carty, & Riggs

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