Charles Harrison, vocal

Edison Diamond Disc: 52262-R Year: 1928

File Name: machree.mp3

File size: 727 Kb

Playing Time: 3:06


About: Charles Harrison

Turtle Talk:

Unlike most Edison Diamond Discs (EDDs), 52262 is an electrically recorded performance. It is one of a relatively small number of electrically recorded Diamond Discs. Most EDDs were acoustically recorded (1912 - 1927). Edison began to use electrical recording methods in mid 1927. EDD 52089 was the first electrically recorded disc in the "52000" series. The two selections onEDD 52089 were recorded in July 1927. EDD 52089 was released to the public in late 1927/early 1928 (probably November/December 1927).

EDD 52651 released in October/November 1929 was the last. On October 29, 1929 the Edison company announced the "discontinuance of commercial record production."

You will hear some surface noise in this restoration of EDD 52262-R, "Mother Machree," especially in the first minute of the recording. This noise is not a result of the electrical recording process. It remains because Turtle's attempts to reduce it further, introduced undesired results.

Tech Tidbits:

Edison Diamond Disc 52262-R was transferred using a 3.7 mil spherical stylus in a Stanton 500 cartridge at 80 rpm. Turtle used Cool Edit and DC-ART 32 software to reduce noise and to adjust for frequency equalization differences between modern preamplifiers and acoustical recordings.



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