Turtle Audio Limited's Technology


78 rpm "shellac" recordings are transferred to a digital format using:

- 2.3 mil truncated elliptical, 2.5 mil truncated elliptical, 2.7 elliptical, 3.3 mil elliptical, 3.5 mil elliptical, 3.5 mil truncated elliptical styli, 4.0 mil truncated elliptical, or 4.0 mil truncated conical stylus.
- Playback speeds vary between 76 and 80 rpm. Speeds are adjusted more, when necessary, using digital processing software.

80 rpm Edison Diamond Disc recordings are transferred using:

- 3.7 mil full conical stylus, and other sizes when necessary
- Playback speeds are usually 80 rpm

All recording are transferred and "restored" using:

- United Audio Dual 1219 turntable (circa 1960's)
- Stanton 500 cartridge

Digital signal processing software, DCART 32 and Cool Edit 2000, are used to "clean up" the transfers.

- Two channel to single channel conversion
- Speed adjustments
- Continuous noise adjustments (rumble, hiss, hum)
- Dynamic noise adjustments (pops, ticks, blasting)
- Fades, in and out
- Frequency equalization
- Volume normalization

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