Performed by the American Regimental Band

Pathé: 29217B (matrix E 66894-14) Year: 1918

File Name: thevband.mp3

File size: 886 Kb

Playing Time: 3:41


Turtle Talk:

Try as he might, Turtle was unable to completely remove a stubborn "surface" noise from this recording.

This is a FUN recording. It may remind you of a junior high school band concert. Band members surely had lots of fun making this recording. In recent vernacular, it is a HOOT! A label entry suggests it is "Humorous Charicteristic." It makes Turtle smile and cry at the same time....

On the "flip side" of Pathé 29127 is "The Nightingale And the Frogs" by the American Regimental Band. This recording demonstrates that the American Regimental Band is a capable ensemble. Turtle obtained the record because of the title "Nightingale ...Frogs." Perhaps this side too will make the Jukebox...?

Tech Tidbits:

This tranfer was made from a 12-inch Pathé disc. Like the Edison Diamond Disc, this Pathé disc is a vertical cut recording. 29217B was transferred using a 4.0 mil conical stylus in a Stanton 500 cartridge at 78 rpm. 80 rpm may be a more appropriate speed.


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