Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra

Edison Diamond Disc: 50637-L Year: 1920

File Name: trombone.mp3

File size: 854 Kb

Playing Time: 3:37

About: Harry Raderman

Turtle Talk:
Edison promotional literature states "Weirdly human is the almost sardonic laugh of the lazy Satin who lies hidden in the flexible throat of Harry Raderman's tickled trombone. Harry Raderman created this laughing trombone novelty - the most humorous instrumental comedy ever conceived. He has no successful imitators."

Tech Tidbits:
Edison Diamond Discs, 50637-L was transferred using a 3.5 mil elliptical stylus (rather than a 3.7 mil full conical stylus) in a Stanton 500 cartridge at 80 rpm. The 3.5 mil produced a cleaner sound. Turtle used Cool Edit and DC-ART 32 software to reduce noise.

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