The Red Rose Rag

American Quartet, (Billy Murray, vocal)

  Source: Victor 19965B  Recorded: 1911

File Name: rdrosrg.mp3

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File Size: 575 Kb

Playing Time: 00:02:27

Sheet music cover used with permission of the Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music.

Tech Tidbits:

The Red Rose Rag was transferred using a 3.5 mil truncated elliptical stylus in a Stanton 500 stereo cartridge. The transfer was digitally captured in a stereo mode. Then the waveform of this lateral cut recordings was converted to mono using DC-ART 32 software. The speed of the (vintage 1960) Dual 1219 turntable was 76 rpm. Additional audio surgery was performed with the help of Cool Edit 96 and DC-ART32 software.

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