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Edison Diamond Disc: 51060-R Year: 1923

File Name: whensun.mp3

File size: 842 Kb

Playing Time: 3:34

Turtle Talk:
This performance contains sounds from several percussive instruments: xylophone, cymbals, and drumsticks on wooden blocks. Friends, when it comes to removal of clicks, clacks and pops from a performance, percussive instruments present a great challenge. Click removal routines have difficulty distinguishing between unwanted clicks and desired percussive sounds. Hopefully Turtle captured most of the desired and diminished most of the unwanted....

As you listen to "When Will The Sun Shine For Me, close your eyes. Remember the music that accompanied silent movies. Do you "see/hear" the theme of boy meets girl, girl in trouble, boy saves girl? Ok, sometimes Turtle's imagination runs wild....

Tech Tidbits:
Edison Diamond Disc 51060-R was transferred using a 3.7 mil full conical radius stylus in a Stanton 500 cartridge at 80 rpm. Turtle used Cool Edit and DC-ART 32 software to reduce noise.

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